Ruby Developer

at Enternships

Maintaining multiple platforms and restructuring the backend of the current website to improve scalibility and modularity.


2009 - 2012

Graduated in Computer Science (Software Engineering) BSc Honours

at Newcastle University


Final year project People's Control Over Their Own Image in Photos on Social Networks

Carbon Analytic

Carbon Analytics Analytic platform to monitor departements and individuals CO2 emission within a company

July 2011 - Oct 2011

Software Engineer

at IBM Hursley

Designed, implemented and tested a set of tools that were used by the Hursley Storage Development team to track their thousands of hardware assets. Languages I demonstrated my proficiency in; PHP and the CakePHP framework, javascript, jQuery library and some of its plugins, HTML and CSS.

Within my team of three, I contributed most of the technical decisions. After accomplishing my set target tool, I presented the model to an IBM audience of 70 to explain the overall completed tool.

Using the basic requirements given by management, I initiated the planning of a prototype of one of the tools within a very succinct and speedy time frame.This allowed the managers to strengthen their requirements. Being organised and proactive allowed the team to be more clear on the overall objective of the project, for which they were very grateful.

July 2010 - July 2011

Lead Developer & Director

at Greendeers Enterprise Ltd

Opened my own business with my business partner. I designed, implemented and tested an e-business platform to display products in a front-end interface dedicated to the clients and a backend to manage orders.

Developed the online store in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework, javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS. I used the Paypal API for the payment system of the online store.